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We Are Tomorrow...

Those words spoken by Tower at a Central Park press conference alerted the world that a new player was on the field. The group that calls itself "Tomorrow" was originally Team Tomorrow North America. Most of its members had been with Project Utopia for years, some of them since the very beginning. They were devoted to Utopia's dream of building a better future, until something went wrong.

The members of the team have been implicated in the murder of Jennifer "Slider" Landers. They have since escaped and have declared their innocence and proclaimed there is a conspiracy within Project Utopia, led by someone named Wai Guan.

Are these novas still trying to create a better world? Are they really searching for the truth that will clear their names? Are they merely running from justice and trying to have their own way?

What do you think?

The Team

Tomorrow is made up of five novas, some of the most powerful and capable in the world. It's unclear who their friends and allies are and what, if any, resources they have.

Your opinions so far...

"I think they're innocent. Even though half the planet seems to believe anything a nova says, they've leveled some pretty serious charges against Utopia and others. There's gotta be something to it."
    -Merle Brandon, Spokane, WA

"They ran, they're guilty. Now they've been seen with the Teragen, just like Slider discovered. She's dead for exposing them and now they're running free."
    - Isiah Forman, Providence, RI

"Who cares? Nothing's ever gonna happen to them. No one can stop them."
    - Betty Harmony, London, England

"Let Pax and the rest loose to hunt them down and bring them in. They were willing to stand trial before, why not now? There's probably more going on than we're being told."
    - Harriet Trousaeu, Toronto, Canada