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Press conference introducing T2M to the world

Ladies and gentlemen, I am Justin Laragoine, director of Project Utopia. Thank you for joining us on this historic occasion. Almost a year ago, we saw the beginning of a new era of history with the appearance of men and women with extraordinary abilities, novas. Since the appearance of the first novas, Project Utopia has worked tirelessly to help them to understand their
abilities and use them for the greater good. The United Nations, in the Zurich Accord, has announced that novas are entitled to the same rights and responsibilities as all other citizens of this planet. Scientists Dr. Henri Mazarin and Dr. Farah Rashoud have discovered the Mazarin-Rashoud node, the source of nova powers. And Project Utopia has helped train hundreds of novas,
always with our goal of helping make this a better world.

It is now my honor and privilege to introduce you to Project Utopia's latest step toward that goal, the living embodiment of our ideals, the members of... Team Tomorrow!

Let me introduce you to our teams, Laragoine says. We've divided Team Tomorrow into three groups: Teams Alpha, Beta, and Gamma, all of them based at our headquarters here in New York. Teams Alpha and Beta are already on call to handle any emergency, anywhere in the world, and to use their powers for the betterment of humanity. Team Gamma is our training team, where promising new novas learn to use their powers.

And now, the members of Team Alpha...
Alison Pfalzgraft... Psyche! Mistress of the powers of the mind!
Anthony Chang... Lightning! Able to command electricity!
Griffin Armstrong... with his command over gravity and invulnerable skin.
Ewan Banks... the Apollo Kid! He commands the power of the sun itself.
Pratima Basham... Splash! Who controls water in all its forms.
Ricardo Montoya-Bernal, nova acrobat extraordinarie!
And the leader of Team Alpha... the amazing Caestus Pax!

And the members of Team Beta...
Thomas Hollingsworth... the mysterious Magician!
Dr. David O'Connor... the Poltergeist, invisible agent extraordinaire.
Samantha Swainal... Radia! With the power of a living reactor.
Gabriel... the Archangel! With her healing power and flaming sword.
Matrix, the master of machines!
And the leader of Team Beta... Steven Parker, the All-Star!

And last, but certainly not least, the members of Team Gamma, hopefully the first of many;

Hiram Goldberg, Slag, with the power of molten steel!
Gvuthbjorg Danielsdottir, the psychokinetic powerhouse known as the Ragnarockette!
And Christoph Yannik, the Shadow Artist!

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you our hope for the future, I give you, Team Tomorrow!

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