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Project Utopia's response to the Null Manifesto

issued by Caestus Pax on November 5, 2005:

I assure you Team Tomorrow will not allow Divis Mal or his followers, the so-called "Teragen," free rein. We do not expect any Teragen novas to engage in terrorist activities, but we are prepared to shut down any who use the Null Manifesto as an excuse for violating the law.

Divis Mal's statement clearly indicates that he condones any action necessary to establish extra-national status for all novas. Novas, as members of the human race, are not above the law. Any nova who believes so and acts above the law will answer to Team Tomorrow!

We cannot allow the Null Manifesto to drive a wedge between novas and baselines. Baseline social contracts are nova social contracts. We do not need our own laws to govern our behavior, and we certainly cannot allow all novas to act however they please.

Do we want to live in a world where novas are allowed to flout the law and run rampant? Where any act to stop their depredations is an act of war upon a sovereign nation? This is the world Divis Mal would create, and so long Team
Tomorrow stands, it will never come to pass!

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