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Elites. The word conjures images of bold novas entering the fray and doing battle with each other or third-world armies. When the average person on the street says "Elite" he's usually referring to the novas who work as mercenaries or as security forces. But elites do so much more.

In addition to blowing each other to bits, elites design computer systems, plan marketing strategies, create security systems, manage political campaigns, develop new chemical compounds, do publicity work, build bridges, do demolition work, solve complex math problems, and even rescue the occassional kitten from a tree.

Broadly speaking, any nova that works as a consultant or on a short-term contract basis is an Elite. Most of them work through one of the five major elite agencies. They differ from city defenders, government novas, and T2M in that their pay comes from a variety of sources and they generally don't stay in one place very long.

Several novas from Project Utopia and Team Tomorrow still do consulting work through Nova Services International, as do a fair share of novas who want the prestige of the Utopia association while still having the job freedom that comes from consulting. However, very few of these novas call themselves elites. Some say it is merely a semantic dinstinction.

Novas also have made their mark in the business world through their own efforts, either starting corporations or working freelance. Most do choose to work through an agency for the convenience, easy references, and big bucks.

The DeVries Agency
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Novelty Consulting

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