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Started by its namesake nova founder Anna DeVries back in 1999, it has become synonymous with elites and one of the largest and most successful nova businesses ever since. Their slogan "The Elite Standard" is well-earned, even their competitors acknowledge the ability of their nova consultants and reputation for client satisfaction.

Anna DeVries herself started off as a mercenary, guarding various DeBeers interests along with other novas, such as Persuer, most of whom eventually signed on with DeVries. The mercenary image has stuck with the company ever since its founding. Many people don't realize that DeVries also has nova surgeons, engineers, business consultants, artists and even political consultants working contracts all over the world.

DeVries' elites work for two corporations, the military service company: DeVries National Tactical Solutions (DVNTS) and DeVries International, which handles non-military contracting. DeVries is actually a small conglomerate, with a slightly convoluted structure which seems to suit them just fine. Starting with the remaining assets of the Executive Actions mercenary corporation, Anna DeVries was quickly able to get up and running with her idea of a novas-for-hire business.

From the beginning, DeVries marketed itself as "the best". Generous salaries and benefits, first-class training, glamourous assignments, and independence. It was a huge draw for novas who either didn't want to join Project Utopia, or who simply couldn't. DeVries even turned the phenomena of donning a mask into a full-blown ritual to give the newly-minted elites a strong sense of identity.

DeVries branched out from being primarily a mercenary company in 2002, with the completion of a new training facility and recruitment of several Rashoud scientists and staffers. Now they could take in newly erupted novas, ruffling some feathers at Project Utopia, but expanding the legitimacy of the business.

Those interests expanded with success in work done for Mineral Reserves, Inc. The underwater mining process was so successful, DeVries bought the company and has used the revenue stream to expand opertions and hire staff.

Currently, DeVries has elites working for many world governments, several Fortune 500 corporations, some major hospitals and entertainment studios. The company has offices in New York, Pretoria, Amsterdam, San Franscisco, Rio de Jenerio, Syndey, Cairo and Bangkok.

To date, there have been several conflicts with T2M novas, usually in the various proxy wars in Africa or Kashmir. Most of the time, it seems to stay professional, but there's talk of things getting personal between novas on both sides. Either way, it makes for great television.

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