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Welcome to the March 2008 issue,

This month marks the 10th anniversary of the first appearance of Novas. Celebrations and special events have been planned for months and are now in high gear. NYC, LA, Venice, London, Addis Ababa, Mexico City and scores of other locations pull out all the stops to celebrate the Quantum Age.

If you thought last month was interesting, hold on to your hats... T2M/Europe member Slider was found dead in her Bombay hotel! And to top it off, early reports indicate members of T2M/NA are responsibe! We'll obviously have continual coverage of this tragedy and want to hear from you as well. Check back here every day.

T2M/NA were taken into custody by the Indian authorities and were awaiting trial, until an explosion destroyed the jail and the T2M novas left the area after being confronted by the Indian novas, no one knows where they went.

Well, now we have to update all our scorecards, there's a new player in town, and maybe a new playground. The week around N-Day has been more than any of us nova newshounds could have imagined, and we have a feeling it's not all over yet.

BREAKING NEWS! Teragen announce nova haven... Houston Tornado found dead...

-The Editors

Table of Contents

Month in Review - What’s up in the world.
Infection from Space - Latest word on those creepy grey guys from space.
Sluice Update - Just what it says.
I Had Tower's Lovechild - Latest news and gossip.
Super Tuesday - The USA presidential primaries continue this month, with still no popular break-away favorite in sight.
Pope's Trip - The Pope announces world tour, including visit to NYC.
N-Day Plans - N-Day preparations are under way. Who's showing up where.
Nova Tax Update - Where the legislation stands right now.
Slider Found Dead - T2M/E member Slider was found dead in her Bombay hotel, T2M/NA are the immediate suspects!
Who Killed Slider? - Speculation and your opinions.
T2M Reorganization - To cover for T2M/NA's absence, Utopia shuffles other teams.
Kuwasha Abduction Video - DeVries released a video of Mungu Kuwasha being kidnapped, apparently by Matrix.
Directive Petitions UN - The boys in cloaks and daggers want a piece of T2M/NA. Nice of them to help out, eh?
T2M/NA Escapes from Jail - The jail blew up and T2M/NA was on top.
Slider's Funeral - A somber occassion with a surprise guest.
Pax vs Mal - It was quick, but we have what went down in Central Park.
Terror in the Heartland - The Teragen, Aberrants, and former T2M converge on Heartland, Nebraska.
Trouble in Bahrain - Aberrants attack Utopia facility in Bahrain.
Sighting at Amp Room - The fugitive T2M novas made an appearance at the Amp Room for a private meeting.
Tomorrow Announcement - Now we have something to call the novas formerly of T2M/NA. And more players for the scorecard.
N-Day Overview - Well, here's a review of everything that's happening on this special N-Day.
Stock up on Eufiber - Anibal Buendia is missing after his estate was attacked.
Project: Genesis - Utopia will terraform the Sahara desert over the next 18 months.
Haven Declaration - In a repeat performance, the Teragen announce Haven.
Houston, we have a problem - The Houston Tornado found dead, Church of Michael Archangel suspected.
Parker Family Plea - The family of Wendy "Gemini" Parker makes an appeal for their daughter to turn herself in.
Letters - Rants and raves from all of you.

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