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In what is turning into the story of the year, speculation on what really happened in that Bombay hotel room is running across the spectrum. Every news organization, tabloid, conspiracy sheet and pretty much anyone with a pulse and the power of speech or typing has something to offer.

Nova·Net is working around the clock to bring you the latest news on this tragic event. Information has been difficult to come by. Aside from the datafile transmitted to N! and the footage from T2M/NA's arrest, the authorities and Project Utopia are keeping a tight lid on things.

According to sources, there is evidence suggesting the T2M novas were indeed there and were found over or near the body of Slider. Police were apparently called in when guests reported sounds of an altercation in the room. When police arrived, the novas were there.

After that, events become unclear. Someone informed Project Utopia, as legal council arrived shortly after the police. The novas were led outside and into police custody under their own power and were placed in a holding cell pending further action.

It is unclear if a trail will occur in India, or if the team will be extradited to the United States since everyone involved is nominally an American citizen. Our legal staff says the smart money is on a local trial. Not that it would make much difference, India's legal system is very similar to Britain's, thanks to colonialization, so the procedures and rules of evidence are quite similar to an American court. What may be more of an issue is the views of a potential jury. Novas a treated like gods in parts of India, whereas Americans have a more balanced view of them. Countering that is pockets of strong resentment toward Utopia and T2M for the events in Kashmir.

The sympathies and best wishes of all the Nova·Net staff go out to the friends and family of Jennifer Landers. And a hope that the legal system will find and properly punish her killer(s).

As we indicated before, everyone and their brother seems to have a theory or opinion. Here's a sample of what's been said so far:

"She was such a wonderful person. All she ever wanted to do was to help people. I can't believe anyone would do something like this. I think it has to be the Teragen, because Slider always supported nova-baseline relations and said that the Null Manifesto was against everything she believed in. I find it so hard to believe that her teammates could have betrayed her like this."
-- Lucy Atwater, president of the Slider Worldwide Fan Club

"Who cares? As far as I'm concerned, the more novas who kill each other off, the better it is for humanity."
-- Edward Mathias, Church of Michael Archangel disciple, Texas.

"The Teragen did it. I mean, that conveniently leaked datafile to N! just before the police found her. Puh-lease, this strikes me as one big setup."
-- Jeff Sacamore, freelance journalist, NYC

"It wouldn't surprise me if T2M did do it. I mean, who else could get in there and take her out so clean? With two of them already gone over to the Terats, Slider was probably trying to talk the rest of them out of defecting and they kacked her."
-- Wallace Fermin, foreman, Chicago

"I don't know who did it, but you can bet Project Utopia will try to cover it up. No way they are going to lose a whole team of novas, even if it was a murder."
-- Lucy Vontien, driver, London

"I doubt T2M/NA did it, I mean, why would they stick around like that. With their powers, they could have vaporized Slider and no one would ever know. Something fishy is going on if you ask me."
-- Chris Mathieu, teacher, Toronto

"I can't figure out who'd want to hurt Slider. Heck, half the guys I know want to marry her. If she was murdered, she must have found something that was too dangerous. I hope her teammates are innocent, but if they are, they should get the chair."
-- Karen Dwight, graphic artist, Los Angeles

"I think N! set the whole thing up. Why would Slider risk sending the info about T2M being a Teragen cell to only one source? And why wasn't there a big fight? I got a buddy who lives in Bombay, he says the hotel room was clean, spotless, like it was a professional hit. There's too many easy conveniences here."
-- Paine Washington, engineer, Denver

"See, I told people this would happen. Now the novas are turning on each other. Once they kill off all the nice ones who really wanted to help humanity, they'll be after us and put us under their rule."
-- Gary Benducci, waiter, Lisbon

"The Aberrants must have done it. After all, Proteus did threaten any novas that stood in their way and it wouldn't be the first time he's killed somebody in cold blood. T2M/NA has fought him before, so he's trying to set them up."
-- Julian Arnaut, bookstore owner, Montreal

"It's obvious T2M/NA is involved. They got caught with their pants down. Utopia better not cover this up. If there are Teragen moles in Utopia, they need to be rooted out and brought to justice."
-- Helen Duncan, professor, Cambridge

"The Teragen did it, that's for sure, and probably set up T2M to take the fall. They want to tear down everything Utopia has built, and now they've already got like a fifth of Team Tomorrow out of their way. I hope Caestus Pax finds Divis Mal and kicks his arse!"
-- Edmund Cross, steel worker, London

"There's a secret cabal within Utopia that wants to control the whole world. Slider found out about it and was killed to silence her. T2M/NA was either in on it or set up for the fall. I have an opsite all about it..."
-- Tu Hsun Fu, OpNet programmer, Hong Kong

According to our latest tracking poll, the public had this to say:

"Who do you think killed Slider?"03/0903/1203/20
The Teragen: 29% 30% 26%
Formerly T2M/NA: 20% 22% 30%
The Aberrants: 15% 16% 15%
Elites: 9% 7% 5%
Government agency: 6% 7% 8%
Criminal cartels: 4% 3% 2%
Project Utopia: 3% 3% 6%
Michael Archangel: 2% 3% 4%
Unknown: 12% 10% 6%

Obviously, the escape from the Indian jail didn't help the Utopian novas' number any. There are more rumors floating around that Project Utopia had something to do with the murder, from more sources than before. Whether these two things share a connection is unclear at this time.

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