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It all happened very last-minute, quite literally. Our offices, and that of every other media organization, received an OpNet message saying the fugitive T2M novas would be appearing in Central Park, by the All-Star memorial, to make an announcement.

And what an announcement it was.

All five novas were present, none of them wearing anything resembling their T2M garb. They talked briefly, stating their innocence and that a faction within Project Utopia and/or the Aeon Society was responsible for Slider's death. In particular, a man named "Wy Gwon" [possible spelling -N·N].

They also said that a recent nuclear explosion in China was the result of a trap left by Wy Gwon for them, which they escaped before they could stop it. At press time, there was no report of any explosion, tho seismic surveys indicate something may have happened in mainland China.

The team said they were here to aid any who need it, and would seek to clear their names and bring Slider's killers to justice. To sum it up "Tomorrow is here to help."

The team could not provide any concrete evidence of most of this to reporters' questions, which does raise some eyebrows. While we would all like to believe these novas were not responsible for the death of Slider, their claims do raise questions of their own motiviation and credibility. And we have to ask what motivation Project Utopia could possibly have for killing one of their own novas and implicating others.

Before things got too much further along, Caestux Pax and the new T2M/NA arrived to arrest Tomorrow. They refused, and said they did not want any violence near so many civilians. Pax then ordered the crowd back, which we all did. Before anything could really happen, Tomorrow warped away.

In followup, Project Utopia released a statement saying the claims made by Tomorrow have no basis in fact, and they are still evaluating all the clues in the death of Slider.

In further news, China did release a statement saying they had conducted a scheduled underground nuclear test earlier today, which was likely the source of Tomorrow's claims.

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