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The repercussions of Slider's murder continue.

Project Utopia announced at a press conference today (3/10) that half of T2M South America would be assigned to fill the role of T2M North America, recently arrested on suspicion of the murder of fellow T2M member Jennifer "Slider" Landers. Utopia Director Justin Laragione made it clear that this was "strictly a temporary measure, until the situation involving T2M/NA is resolved."

"We have the utmost faith that Gabriel, Gemini, Tower, Soldier, and Matrix will be returning to duty as soon as possible, but in the meanwhile we want to assure everyone that Team Tomorrow is still on the job."

T2M/SA members Skew, Makara, and FireFox have been assigned to the team's New York HQ, under the leadership of Ana Graša Texeira. Ricardo Montoya-Bernal, Sneak, the Shadow Artist, and Radia remain at the team's Sao Paulo HQ.

Project Utopia has also brought in two new T2M members to help fill-out both teams: Australian Robert "Fahrenheit" McKinnley in T2M/SA and Haitian Evette "Panacea" Duchane in T2M/NA. "Both have performed excellently in their training," says Director Laragione, "and I'm sure they will be great assets to the team."

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