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Bombay, India - 15mar2008 - Things may have just gone from bad to worse for T2M/NA.

There has been quite a scene near the jail where T2M/NA is being held until their trial. Spectators stand outside, perhaps hoping for a glimpse of the American novas. Some are protesting, some wishing them well, others making money from the rest.

Also noticable is the presence of some Indian novas, led by Shiva, who are assisting local authories in keeping an eye on T2M. Though, up until today, it seemed like a very boring assignment since they've all stayed in their cell and cooperated with authorities.

This afternoon, something caused a massive explosion in the jail. When the dust cleared, T2M/NA was above it. Details are sketchy as there was a lot of smoke, but Matrix and Soldier were seen high in the air, perhaps blasted there by the explosion, and returning to the scene where Shiva and the other Indian novas were confronting Tower and Gabriel.

A brief fight ensued, and Gemini warped in and then warped the team out. It looked like the novas were talking to each other, or at each other, but it was impossible to hear what they said over all the other noise.

There's been no reported contact with the novas, and no news from Project Utopia as of yet.

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