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Bombay, India - 8mar2008 - The world was shocked by the murder of Jennifer "Slider" Landers, a member of T2M Europe and one of Project Utopia's most beloved novas. Ms. Landers apparently died last night in a room at the Royal Hotel in Bombay, India, where she was on assignment for Nova Services International, a subsidiary of Project Utopia, working for a Bombay film company. The cause of death was given as "extreme blunt trauma to the head and back" and experts agree that Slider was struck with a force consistent with a mega-strong nova.

News of Landers' death has plunged thousands into mourning, shock and anguish. She is the eighth member of T2M to die since the team's founding in 1999.

Bombay police have arrested the five members of T2M North America, who were found at the scene of Slider's death. Less than an hour before, the N! network received data files from Ms. Landers, claiming to show that the members of T2M/NA were Teragen sympathizers and possibly undercover agents within Project Utopia.

Among other things, the documentation cites a number of meetings between T2M members and known Terats (notably former T2M member Mark "Voyager" Chaffe), the fact that two members of T2M/NA (Voyager and Dr. David "Poltergeist" O'Connor) have left Utopia to join the Teragen, and a recent sighting of T2M/NA members fighting an unknown nova alongside the Teragen in New York's Central Park. The N! network also reported that, according to its sources, T2M/NA were the only members of Team Tomorrow to make contact with the mysterious Teragen leader Divis Mal shortly after his pronouncement of the Null Manifesto in late 2005.

Project Utopia calls the charges "absurd," and Project Director Justin Laragione had this to say:

"I have nothing but the utmost trust in all of the members of Team Tomorrow and we know of no improper or inappropriate activities on the part of any of them. We hope the N! network will cooperate with us in a detailed examination of this alleged "exposť" provided by Slider, and we promise that the Project will put all of its resources at the disposal of the authorities to discover who is responsible for the brutal murder of Jennifer Landers and to see that they are brought to justice."

Teragen spokesman Count Raoul Orzaiz denied charges that the Teragen was in any way responsible for Slider's death:

"I can state unequivocally that no member of the Teragen had anything to do with this tragedy." However, Orzaiz refused to answer questions regarding T2M/NA and any associations they might have had with the Teragen.

The members of T2M/NA are being held by the Bombay authorities pending an investigation into the murder. Project Utopia's legal department has petitioned the Indian government to release the novas into the Project's custody, which is currently under consideration, although the question of a conflict of interest has already arisen. Project Utopia has denied all requests to interview the members of the team.

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