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Things just keep getting better and better for T2M/NA.

In a matter that may be related to the murder of beloved T2M member Jennifer "Slider" Landers, the DeVries Agency has provided authorities with video footage of a meeting between T2M/NA member Matrix and former ViaSoft nova Mungu Kuwasha. DeVries claims that Kuwasha disappeared following his meeting with Matrix and hasn't been heard from since.

Mungu Kuwasha became the first nova employed by a major corporation in 1998, when he was hired by Microsoft (which later merged with Viacomm, becoming ViaSoft). T2M was involved in a fight with terrorist nova Proteus earlier this year at ViaSoft's Redmond, Washington offices. Kuwasha fled the country and sought refuge with the DeVries Agency at its compound in Pretoria, South Africa.

"We provided Mr. Kuwasha with security," says DeVries CEO Anna DeVries. "When he left the compound unexpectedly, one of our agents followed him to Marrakesh [Morocco] and recorded this footage. It clearly shows Kuwasha meeting with Matrix. He has not been heard from since."

Ms. DeVries said she brought the video to Project Utopia's attention, but offered little on the meeting. "Mungu Kuwasha and Matrix were friends," said Utopia spokesman Jay Hidaki, "and Proteus made a previous attempt to abduct Mr. Kuwasha. We know that Proteus and a number of other novas are shape-shifters, and it is our suspicion that such trickery was used to imitate Matrix and lure Kuwasha to a remote location where he could be abducted."

Representatives of the Moroccan government have also claimed that Tower invaded the royal palace, shrugging off the gunfire of palace guards, and interrogating military officials about possible anti-nova sentiment among the Moroccan military. Project Utopia acknowledges that Tower and T2M/NA were in Morocco, "as part of an investigation into Mr. Kuwasha's disappearance." but offered no specifics on the team's actions while there.

Utopia issued a formal apology to the Moroccan government and refused to comment on the disappearance of two other DeVries elites in the area of Marrakesh in the past year. [We hope to have more on this soon -N·N] Utopia is still refusing all requests for interviews with the members of T2M/NA, still incarcerated in Bombay on suspicion of the murder of fellow T2M member Jennifer Landers.

The Moroccan government says it will initiate and investigation into the disappearances, but warned against further "unwelcome incursions" by foreign novas, saying that such novas would be immediately arrested and prosecuted. Project Utopia and the DeVries Agency both stated they will respect Morocco's request.

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