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We're still not sure what happened or why. Witness reports are sketchy, but based on the latest information, Proteus and his Aberrants attacked the town of Heartland, Nebraska this afternoon. Proteus was in a gigantic silvery form, at least three other aberrants were with him. One of whom had fire powers and the other electrical powers.

Shortly thereafter, othere novas arrived on the scene, including members of the Teragen and at least some of the fugitive T2M/NA novas. At least two combats happened, with Tower and Divis Mal attacking Proteus while the other novas engaged the rest of the Aberrants.

The fight was brief, only a few moments of the two novas exchanging blows. Proteus escaped, but the remaining Aberrants were captured. Speculation is that the Teragen took them back.

Still no details on why the attack took place. State and local officials are still cleaning up the mess. Project Utopia has been called in to consult on the case.

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