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Get out your scorecards kids, we've got another player on the field.

The international intelligence agency called "The Directive" formally petitioned the United Nations on the 10th for custody of the members of T2M North America, currently held in Bombay, India, on suspicion of the murder of Jennifer "Slider" Landers, a member of T2M Europe. In an address to the UN Security Council, Petr Ilyanovich, Russian representative on the Directive's board of directors, made a case for the agency's jurisdiction:

"There are few organizations in the world capable of holding any nova against his or her will. Project Utopia is one of these, empowered to do so by this august body. I think it is clear, in this matter, that the Indian authorities in Bombay have neither the facilities nor the trained personnel capable of dealing with nova prisoners. Should the novas of Team Tomorrow choose, then could walk out of their cell, or right through the walls, at any time. I also think it is clear there is conflict of interest in Project Utopia providing security for these novas.

Therefore, the Directive petitions the Security Council and the Indian government to grant custody of the suspects in this case to us, with assurances that they will be placed in a secure holding area in the Russian Confederation, subject to inspection by United Nations and Project Utopia experts. This way the world can be assured that this case will be handled in a fair and impartial manner, and of the safety and security of all involved, including the accused."

Project Utopia Director Justin Laragione, occupying the organization's permanent advisory seat on the Security Council, had this to say about Mr. Ilyanovich's proposal:

"The Directive is not a law-enforcement organization, and we should require documented proof that it can provide the services that it is offering before we can even consider such a proposal. I will also point out that the members of T2M have remained in custody of their own free will, certainly not the actions of guilty parties, nor any threat to the public."

Director Ilyanovich countered that danger might come from other novas, particularly nova-supremacist groups like the Teragen or the Aberrants, who might take it upon themselves to free the imprisoned novas. The Security Council voted to take the Directive's proposal under consideration, and the Indian government offered its support for the proposal, agreeing that it lacks the facilities for holding novas for prolonged periods of time, and that the Directive proposal appears to be "a reasonable compromise."

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