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Proteus and his Aberrant followers attacked the Rashoud facility on the island of Bahrain.

Details are sketchy, as access to the island has been restricted and there are no media feeds coming out of the island. No statement has been made as to the cause of the attack or what the Aberrants were looking for or if they found it.

T2M/Africa responded to the attack and drove off the Aberrants. There are unconfirmed reports that T2M/Europe also responded, as well as other novas in the area.

Very little is known about the Bahrain facility. Officially it is a research station for Project Utopia. No members of T2M or other Utopian novas has ever mentioned being trained there. Perhaps it was merely an attack of opportunity on the part of Proteus. Perhaps there is something going on that he felt he needed or wanted destroyed so Utopia could not use it against him. Your guess is as good as ours at this point.

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