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Welcome to the February 2008 issue,

Well, this year is shaping up to be puh-lenty interesting. All the usual suspects are making news and some new faces are on the scene.
Sluice is still in his cell. Dinosaurs showed up in the bayou. LA's commute got interesting. The Kilamanjaro launch had a surprise visitor, as did several other places around the world. Congress wants to tax novas. The Teragen have a split and whack China. Oh, and T2M saved southeast Asia from a new epidemic.
And to think, this is the shortest month of the year!

-The Editors

Table of Contents

Month in Review - What’s up in the world.
Be My Quantum Valentine - So you have a nova partner, or want to be one, here's what's hot and not for the day of love.
Dinosaurs! - Real live dinosaurs show up in the bayou, the kids go nuts.
Rampage in LA - Just what rush hour in LA needed, a mad whack nova.
Sluice Situation - What everyone is saying and court update.
What Goes Up... - Project Bifrost inaugural launch.
The Sky is Falling - What the hell happened.
Politics as Usual - The USA presidential race has started for real with the Iowa caucus and NH primary.
Nova Tax Proposed- Congress proposed a surtax on nova income.
Aberrants Break Away - Proteus announced formation of the Aberrants, splitting from the Teragen.
Mercy Mission - A strange virus threatened to wipe out a south-seas island, timely intervention by T2M saved the day.
Rough Night in Central Park - About a dozen T2M novas were seen fighting something in Central Park.
Terats Hit China - The Teragen raid a Chinese military base.
I Had Tower's Lovechild - Seems somebody's been busy.
Letters - rants and raves from all of you.

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