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New York City native, Michelle Dubois, has filed an action with the district court to force Jacob "Tower" Anderson to pay child support for her five month old daughter, Chelsea. According to Michelle the two met at a Utopia charity fund raiser for the World Wildlife Fund in January of last year. At the time she was a functionary in Utopia's PR core and was nominally in charge of the event.

Miss Dubois has sought paternity with the Utopia legal department since taking her pregnancy leave and has been rebuffed. She has not returned to work due to complications during the pregnancy though she remains on the Utopia payroll. The exact details of the complications are unclear at this time.

The Utopia legal department declined comment at Tower's request and is, according to reports, building a solid defense for the T2M member. There have been numerous rumors of a settlement but so far no solid news on this front.

When confronted in the streets, Tower was less reticent and answered questions about the woman's validity in his usual quiet and stoic manner, "I find the truth of her statement extremely unlikely."

Tower is hardly the first nova, nor even the first member of Project Utopia, to be on the receiving end of a palimony suit. To date, all the cases have either been settled out of court or resolved in favor of the nova.

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