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Shortly after the inaugural Bifrost launch, several "meteorites" came into reentry orbit. It was unclear at first what was happening, although the first wave did seem to be on a course for the Kilamanjaro area. With the T2M presence at the site, the first wave of incoming objects was nearly destroyed by the novas. The rest landed near the launch site.

These objects turned out to be alive and nasty. Grayish humanoid creatures got up from the ground after impact and headed north, attacking anything that moved, causing even more of a panic.

To make matters worse, reports started coming in from all over of similar attacks. Immediate speculation was an alien invasion. The full force of T2M was deployed across the globe to deal with the threat.

In the ensuing encounters, it was discovered that the creatures carried an infectious agent which caused massive transformations of their victims into similar creatures. This only added to the tragedy and terror of the situation. Police and national guard units were out in full force to contain the creatures. If not for the novas, who knows how far they might have gotten before being stopped. The death toll is still estimated at nearly 10,000.

In a statement to the United Nation's General Assembly, Project Utopia said they had evidence that the source of the "alien" creatures that attacked ten different areas worldwide is not extraterrestrial, but an unknown nova. Utopia Science & Technology personnel, along with Dr. Spenser "Antaeus" Balmer, discovered the genetic makeup of the creatures indicates a nova engineered them from terrestrial DNA and that they are not truly alien beings.

"The purpose of this attack remains unknown," says Utopia Director Justin Laragione. "But we are continuing our investigation and we promise the nations of the world that this assault will not go unpunished. The nova or novas responsible will be found and brought to justice. Members of Team Tomorrow are on 24-hour alert and we ask for the cooperation of all nations in apprehending this threat to world safety."

No one has claimed responsibility for the attack and, despite considerable speculation of Teragen involvement, Project Utopia has stated "there is no evidence at this time that the Teragen are responsible." Teragen spokesman Raoul Orzaiz says, "The Teragen is in no way involved with this assault, except to defend ourselves, and our planet, against it. This is our world, and we do not take such attacks lightly."

Several UN member nations have called for Project Utopia's Science & Technology program to include a special division to oversee the dangers of "biological weapons," including all technology based on or derived from nova abilities or biochemistry.

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