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Rush hour here in Los Angeles is the bane of our existance on the best days, but yesterday afternoon a new problem ran smack into the middle of downtown rush hour. An unknown nova landed in the middle of downtown at 5:12 PM, overturning the car in which Dan Martinez was driving home. "It's a miracle that I was thrown clear of the car," he says. "I took one look at that thing and ran."

Smart guy. The arrival of the nova, described as "hulking" with "skin like rock," was immediately followed by Team Tomorrow North America. T2M kept civilians out of the area and after a brief but fierce battle, defeated the monstrous nova, dubbed "Rampage" by local media. They brought the nova to the L.A. Rashoud facility, where it (he?) is currently under observation and containment.

T2M/NA assisted in rescuing people trapped inside damaged cars and buildings. Team-leader Gabriel healed over a dozen victims. The official death toll of the incident is 19, plus scores of injuries from breaking glass, cars hurled through the air, and small fires that broke out. Built to withstand earthquakes, the area's buildings remained standing through the shockwaves from the fight.

According to Gabriel, Rampage fell to Earth from orbit, and T2M was in the process of retrieving the nova off the coast when it escaped and made its way to shore. Project Utopia said it has no information about how the nova got into Earth orbit, but an investigation is underway. According to members of T2M, Rampage has no known connection to the Teragen, which was confirmed by Teragen spokesman Raoul Orzaiz.

Currently, there is no information as to Rampage's true identity. Although the nova is charged with multiple counts of manslaughter and destruction of property to the amount of $2.5 million, Project Utopia legal experts do not expect Rampage to stand trial. "It's clear that this nova is not in his right mind and not competent for any sort of legal hearing," said Utopia Legal Director Stewart Long. Project Utopia has petitioned the State of California and the City of Los Angeles to hold Rampage in a secure facility until the legal matters are resolved.

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