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The U.S. Congress proposed a so-called "nova tax" bill in the House of Representatives. The bill, submitted on the 14th, calls for a national tax on all novas living or doing business in the United States, amounting to an additional 5% of the nova's gross income.

The purpose of the bill, according to sponsor Reginald Hammond (D - Delaware) "is to establish a national nova relief fund as part of FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Agency), so that the burden of the cleanup of nova-related disasters like New Jersey can be borne by those most directly responsible for them."

The tax, if passed, is expected to generate an additional 65 million dollars annually for dealing with disasters like the recent attack on New Jersey and nearly a dozen other locations around the world by nova-created creatures. The bill faces heavy opposition from the Libertarian party, and President Pendelton has stated that she will veto the bill if it crosses her desk, but there is strong support for the proposed bill within the Democratic, Republican, and American Eagle parties, possibly sufficient to overturn the president's veto.

Project Utopia has said in an official statement that they consider this measure "unnecessary" and cited the fact that Utopia has always provided aid in repairing damage done by novas (whether Utopia affilated or not). Project Utopia has provided the United States and other nations with millions in aid to repair the damage done by recent acts of nova terrorism, but that still leaves millions more in damage to be borne by federal agencies, local taxpayers and insurance companies.

Teragen civil rights protester Sluice declared from his prison cell in Tampa, FL, "I may get out of here and end up right back in when I refuse to pay that tax." He went on to say that, "singling out novas for taxation is both unconstitutional and morally wrong, particularly when there are no nova representatives in the federal government. 'No taxation without representation' is one of the reasons Americans fought to free themselves from tyranny. I urge Congress to heed the lessons of history, because this would be a Revolutionary War the United States can't win."

In a letter obtained by Nova·Net from T2M/NA member Matrix to the co-sponsors of the bill, he urged them to reconsider this legislation as "ill-conceived and simply un-American. Taxing novas simply for being who we are is blatantly discriminatory and, though I am loathe to use the word, possibly racist. You would never consider placing a surtax on someone because they were asian or black or had some other genetic trait which made them a minority population, so why would you do it to novas?"

The letter goes on to discuss why the legislation is un-needed, re-iterating Utopia's efforts to pay for clean-up and repairs, and that "there are already numerous provisions within US and State law to file criminal charges for destruction of property, liens can be placed on assets, and civil charges can be brought to demand restitution. Property-owners could also buy insurance against nova-instigated damages or other losses. Furthermore, this tax would be taking money from the very novas who work every day to prevent such destruction and work very hard to repair damages caused during nova conflicts, hardly the proper place for such a financial burden."

Other novas have reportedly started lobbying efforts both for and against the tax, and a few have stated they will leave the US if this tax become law. While members of anti-nova groups have expressed support for the bill, there have been no official statements as yet from any of them. The insurance industry seems split at the moment on the proposed tax, an unnamed representative has called for a claims exemption to be added to the nova relief fund legislation.

So, readers, what do you think? Should a nova's income be taxed extra to pay for nova-created emergencies and damages? Take our poll.

Discussions are starting in the Nova Business and Nova Law sections here on Nova·Net.

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