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Just when you thought nothing stranger could come out of the Lousiana swamps, T2M/NA found some dinosours. Yes, real dinosaurs, teeth, claws and everything.

It all started as a homicide investigation. Two boys found a body in the swamp and Sherriff Tom Connolly called in T2M to check it out because "it wasn't an ordinary body". No, it certainly wasn't. According to Nova·Net's sources, the boys found the dead body of an Alasmasaurus. This was out in what most of us would call the boonies, but still not isolated enough for a large plant-eater to remain hidden for very long.

But that was not the end to this show. Some time later that day, the novas were attacked by a group of Velocaraptors (yes, kids, like in Jurrasic Park). The novas were able to subdue the dinos without harm to anyone else.

The investigation is still ongoing as to the origin of the dinos. They are not shapeshifted novas or strange constructs. Accoring to the Utopia S&T eggheads, the specimens are real, honest-to-god dinosaurs. No definite plans yet on where they will end up once full biological studies are done. Several zoos have expressed interest in the creatures.

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