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A group of novas associated with the Teragen are blamed for an attack on a military base outside of Kunming in southwestern China. According to Chinese authorities, the novas have been identified as "members of the terrorist organization known as the Teragen". They attacked the military base at around 3 AM local time on the 20th, resulting in an estimated 43 casualties and over a hundred more injured. The Chinese government only admitted to the attack after word of it was leaked to the OpNet by unknown sources.

The Chinese government calls the attack "unprovoked," but Raoul Orzaiz, a spokesman for the Teragen, issued a statement to the contrary the morning after the attack.

"The so-called 'military base' the Chinese are up in arms about was actually a detention and indoctrination center for dozens of Chinese novas held against their will and forced to become covert weapons for the People's Republic. China's illegal and immoral treatment of members of the One Race will not be allowed to continue." Court Orzaiz refused to confirm which, if any, members of the Teragen were involved in the attack, whether or not novas were removed from the base, and whether further strikes against military targets in China or elsewhere were planned.

Representatives of the Chinese government deny allegations of mistreatment of novas. Although Chinese novas are required to register with the government and use their abilities as assigned by the Ministry of Nova Affairs, the government denies the presence of novas in its military forces, and calls the Teragen attack "an act of international terrorism." The Chinese government has refused to allow UN or Project Utopia personnel access to the site, and has refused any aid in dealing with the aftermath of the attack.

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