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"We are the Aberrants. We are the future of Earth. Those novas who want to be a part of that future should join us in overthrowing baseline rule. Those who do not should stay out of our way, or face the consequences."

The statement was delivered via the OpNet by the notorious nova terrorist known as Proteus to over a dozen major news agencies and networks worldwide on the 18th, proclaiming the formation of a splinter group of the Teragen. Calling themselves "Aberrants," these novas openly embrace the terrorist tactics of their leader, Proteus, known for the assassination of Tampa mayor Frederick Rupert in June of 2007.

Although Proteus is known to have ties with the Teragen, the group now repudiates the nova terrorist.

"Proteus has chosen to sever his ties with us," says Teragen spokesman Count Raoul Orzaiz, "and the Teragen does not support him. Proteus' affairs are his own concern." When asked if the Teragen opposes the Aberrants, Count Orzaiz responded, "Only if they give us cause to."

Project Utopia was more concerned about the potential threat posed by the Aberrants.

"Proteus is a known terrorist and a wanted criminal," said Team Tomorrow spokesman Caestus Pax, "and Project Utopia will spare no effort to see that he is brought to justice. I also send out a warning to anyone who would follow Proteus' misguided example: no nova is above the law, and those who violate the law will be punished."

Authorities currently have no leads as to the whereabouts or activities of the Aberrants, but investigations are underway. It is also unclear exactly which novas have joined Proteus.

Prominent nova legal and press consultant, Robert B. Frazier, noted that while this development does indicate some fracturing of the Teragen's unified front, it may "ultimately be beneficial to the organization, since the most violent elements would seem to be leaving and rallying under Proteus' banner."

On the other side, nova civil rights activist, Marcia Gromm believes that it will be hard for the public to separate Proteus from the Teragen, especially since "these Aberrants still hold that novas are above humanity, the same belief that binds the Teragen together."

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