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Welcome to the January 2008 issue,

Well, this year is starting out to be rather interesting. Project Utopia, T2M, the Church of Michael Archangel, the Teragen all are making the news on a daily basis. T2M/NA had more shuffling, with Sentry moving over to Asia-Pacific and Matrix returning to active duty. No word yet on what's happening with Poltergeist, but we have the inside scoop on the situation in Tampa.

-The Editors

Table of Contents

Month in Review - What’s up in the world.
A New Year to Remember - What happened at the AmpRoom's nova-powered new year. Not for the kiddies.
Party in the Park - Church of Michael Archangel appearance livens the show at the All-Star dedication in Central Park.
Fight in the Rainy City - T2M/NA stopped a Teragen raid on Viasoft. Was Mungu Kuwasha the target?
Goodwill in Tampa - T2M/NA waves the flag, smiles for the cameras, and stops a storm in sunny Florida.
Sluice Situation - What everyone is saying and an exclusive interview with Sluice!
Letters – Rants and raves from all of you.

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