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Hello, Matrix.

Any changes in your powers or abilities in the last year we should know about?
Not really. I've gotten some better control, that's about it.

How do you like being a member of T2M America?
It's still going well. The division of geographic responsibility has made our job more manageable.

Any rivalries starting between you and T2M Europe?
I think we all get a little jealous when they get a cool assignment or do something truly spectacular. But it's probably the same on their end. We all work together enough, it's like we're part of the same team.

Project Utopia has gotten involved in some major projects over the last few years. Some of it has already been covered previously, but could you give us a summary of any major involvement you've had in any of them?
     Well, as you know, I helped create the OpNet protocols and co-wrote the first draft of RSA 2147 (don't blame me for the way the user registration stuff came out). I've been playing around with it ever since, along with my other tinkering in the lab.
     My skills don't cover diplomacy or much of the bio-sciences, so I haven't done much more than tech support and creating the occassional mathematical model and doing data analysis for the other projects. I did some of the infrastructure work for Sao Paolo, creating 3D models and figuring out how to place the power and communications grids most efficiently.
     I get called in for some of Utopia's oversight responsibility. By and large, most of the project work you're referring to is done by the hundreds of people outside the T2M structure. But the teams help out where they can.
     Oh, and I did most of the design work on the Matrix 2.0 action figure.

("Available in stores now!")

What do you think of the XWF?
I was never a big fan of professional wrestling. Though I must admit watching novas fight it out looks cool. Being in a few such fights myself I can sympathize with the competitors. It's better than having them work as mercenaries. It's entertainment, everyone's free to partipate or watch or not.

Any chance of you competing in an XWF match?
Only if I have a sudden desire to get my ass kicked. :)

(We'll take that as a "no".)

The big news for T2M America is the recent departure of Voyager. Do you have any insight as to why he left?

Uh, OK. Did it have something to do with the incident involving his partner?
He was very upset at what happened, as would anyone in that situation. I can't speak for Voyager, but it may have been a factor in his thinking. I sympathize with him and hope he's feeling better.

Is there any truth to rumors that he was ousted because he was openly gay?
Absolutely not. I don't think Voyager being gay even came up in conversation unless he mentioned it. He isn't... wasn't the only homosexual nova working for Utopia.

Did it have anything to do with the reported emergency call the team received at Savage’s?
No. That happened days before Voyager left.

So there was a call?
Yes. And before you ask, no, I can't tell you what it was about.

Can you confirm reports of a conflict between Voyager and members of T2M in the Bowery neighborhood of New York?

No you can't or no there wasn't a conflict?
I can't confirm anything.

Do you think he's coming back? Would Utopia really welcome him with open arms?
Not likely and probably. It will depend on what he does while he's away. I hope he does come back. He was a valuable member of the team and a nice guy.

You’ve become involved in charity and political work, do you see a growuing trend of nova involvement in those areas or of novas lending their name to a cause?
Yes. Though I couldn't tell you how far it will go. Novas have opinions and passions just like everyone else. I do think you'll start seeing more public activism and endorsements from novas in the future. A few T2M members have their pet projects/causes, and other prominent novas like The Fireman are involved in charity work. Most of us don't exert nearly the influence we could, which is probably a good thing, given our place in society. But given the resources many novas have, it's logical that some would want to make a meaningful contribution to society.

You were involved in the presidential campaign, albiet peripherally, with your public endorsement of Lauren Pendelton last July. Do you think it had any impact?
Does any endorsement have an impact? The LP was already generating more publicity than ever before, thanks to their increasing ballot successes and the media finally providing balanced coverage of the race. My appearance with her in New York certainly brought out all the media and introduced her and the party to millions of new people. But since I didn't campaign with her or do much else, I doubt my efforts gave her the win. She ran on her own platform and a plurality of Americans agreed with her message and elected her. Simple as that. But it was nice to be a part of history and get invited to the inauguration.

Are you a member of the Libertarian Party?
No, though several media organization have reported that I am.

Do you see yourself as a force for political change?
No. I've never been shy about my politics, but I'm not an activist. Utopia wants to remain politically neutral, and I respect that, so don't expect me to be out there with a plackard or shouting slogans. I'm much more likely to write a check and hope for the best right now.

What do you think the U.S. government needs?
A good housecleaning. :) Seriously though, more responsible leaders like Ms Pendelton. It generally needs to be smaller and more respectful of the Constitution and the rights of all Americans, and of all the world's citizens.

What one thing should Project Utopia be doing that it's not?
It does a lot already... I can't think of anything it "should" be doing. Plenty it could do... I'd have to think about it for a while.

Is Utopia doing anything that you think it should stop doing?
Probably. Like I said, it's involved in hundreds of projects. It's possible at least one of them isn't necessary or could be done better by someone else. We've been getting some flack over the regulatory powers, there's probably room for compromise in that area. Utopia's efforts in the various peace accords has ruffled a few feathers. Some would say it should not be so quick to enforce UN mandates, and I can see their point. 

What do you think the next year will bring for Novas?
There'll be more of us, though I think our growth rate is slowing. We'll be integrated more and more into business, science and entertainment. There'll be another Team Tomorrow. More nova athletic events. I am a little surprised we haven't seen more independent nova groups out there. Maybe this will be the year for that. 

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