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May 30, 2002 -- Wendy "Gemini" Parker, a member of Team Tomorrow America, announced today the formation of a charitable foundation named for her brother, Steven "All-Star" Parker, a member of Team Tomorrow who was killed in action last year in Nigeria fighting the nova elite Tötentanz. The Parker Foundation will be funded by charitable donations along with all proceeds from the sale and licensing of All-Star merchandise by the Parker family. The Parker Foundation's purpose is to offer recognition to "everyday heroes" and assistance to their families, when needed.

Gemini says, "My brother Steven was always in awe of everyday people like police and fire-fighters who risked their lives for the safety of others. It is only fitting that one of these selfless individuals was the first nova, "The Fireman." But it takes real courage to go into a burning building or face down a criminal with a gun if you aren't fireproof or bulletproof. It is these brave men and women that the Parker Foundation hopes to recognize. After all, you do not need nova powers to be a super-hero."

Famed New York nova Randall "The Fireman" Portman supports the efforts of the Parker Foundation. "In addition to honoring the memory of a brave young man who gave his life fighting for what he believed in, the Foundation recognizes the very important contributions made by ordinary men and women in our society. It's easy to overlook the work they do when there are novas on the news every ten minutes but it doesn't make what they do any less important." Portman donated a million dollars to the foundation and is known for his charitable contributions.

The Parker Foundation will provide grants for civic projects and financial assistance to the families of civil employees injured or killed in the line of duty. It will also offer a number of awards, known as "All-Stars" to recognize exceptional service on the part of baseline public servants and good Samaritans. The award will be a gold medal bearing a star and the words "Honor Through Service and Sacrifice" on a red, white, and blue ribbon.

Wendy Parker says, "It's our hope that the Foundation can help inspire and offer recognition for people who embody the values that my brother believed in, fought for, and died for, a better future for all of humanity."

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