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Nova Name?

Real Name?
Jacob Anderson.

How old are you?
I was born on August 28th, 1974. That makes me currently 26 years old.

When did you erupt? What was it like?
     I erupted early in the history of Nova's, April 13th, 1998. I'm told it was during my evening bath which would make it about 7 PM, Pacific.
     The experience was honestly not one I would care to relive. I spent several of the next hours differentiating the molecules of bath water from the molecules of water that my body had become. I understand that I worried the doctors greatly. Since then I have learned greater control of my abilities and I feel that the danger of losing myself within another substance is lost.

Describe your powers in layman's terms.
I can alter the molecular structure of my body to match that of any form of matter of radiant energy. I can become as dense as steel or as clear as glass. In my more dense forms I am one of the most strong and resilient Novas on record.

Any chance of that claim being put to the test?
     It is not a claim, it is a fact. I see no reason to put my abilities to the test in what could only be termed a Nova brawl.
     I also am possessed of what I like to call Omniversal Verbal Telepathy. I can hear what you speak inside your own head as you speak it in the universal language of the human mind. I can also transmit verbal information into your brain so that you can "hear" me despite the fact that I can not speak.

Your ability seems pretty unique. So do you become part of what touch or it is something else?
Something else. I can imbue my body with some or all of the physical and energetic qualities of any substance or radiant energy I touch.

How do you like being a member of Team Tomorrow Beta?
Project Utopia and Dr. Rashoud trained me to use my abilities without danger to myself and I look at Team Tomorrow as an opportunity to pay them back for their caring and perseverance.

So they're like family to you?
Family is a strong word that I do not use easily. Team Tomorrow are my compatriots and I have been charged with their care. Dr. Rashoud is the only family I have ever known. I will answer no questions regarding my biological parents.

What part, if any, did you play in the Y2K effort?
My abilities did not lend themselves to technical endeavors so I mostly was relegated to visual crowd control.

What do you think the next year will bring for Novas?
One can always hope that the new year will bring a greater understanding and world peace. I will attempt to do my part in these goals, the goals of Project Utopia and the missions of Team Tomorrow. 

So you don't see yourself doing anything to change the world just yet?
If you do not consider world peace to be a significant change, then no I can not say that I will do anything to change the world at this time.

What did you think of the recent efforts of Project Utopia and your team's "War on Crime" here in New York? Were you surprised by the declaration?
     While I am satisfied with the results I wish that we had been able to do more. One of the criminal Novas managed to escape. I imagine that we will be seeing more of him in the future and I know that at least one of my colleagues wishes to have another chance at the man.
     As for surprise, I would have to say no. I see the War on Crime as an extension of Utopia's plan to clean the environment. Organized crime has been a pestilence on humanity for far too long, perhaps Novas are the cure for this persistent disease.

Do more? I guess you're the over-achiever of the team, eh. :)
Are you talking about your last big fight or that you could contribute more to Utopia's efforts against the criminal element in general?
The results of our effort were satisfactory.

What was your role in the crime-elimination effort?
My abilities allow me to ferret out criminals with a certain amount of ease allied with my metamorphic abilities. I become one of Team Tomorrow Beta's heavy hitters and front line combatants.

I take it the "fetteting out" was with your telepathy?
Yes, it is difficult to hide thoughts from me, especially those that hover on the edge of speaking. Sometimes those thoughts boil over into your speech centers and I hear them whether or not you vocalize them.

The big news is your recent raid on the meeting of the mafia dons. The media have been giving some conflicting reports of the events. Were you there? What was it like? What was your part?
I was there, yes. It was both easier and more difficult than I had imagined. I am not used to the idea of being a rough-house and was not entirely prepared to battle other Novas. As for my part... I believe that I brought the roof down with sufficient flair and was able to hold the attention of a number of the criminal Novas long enough to allow my teammates to finish the job and capture two of the three Novas as well as the entire group of attending mafia power players.

By all accounts you took to the role well. And by the way you're "speaking", you seem comfortable with it.
Taking the role well and being comfortable with it are two separate things entirely.

What do you think will happen as a result of Utopia's latest project?
I can't say exactly. I hope that the criminal element will take it as a message that their type of behavior will no longer be tolerated by civilized society now that Team Tomorrow is here to ensure it.

So Team Tomorrow is putting the criminal element on notice?
Speaking for Team Tomorrow is not what I intend to do here. What I can say is that the international criminal cartels will no longer be able to hide behind territorial laws. We are Team Tomorrow and we work for Project Utopia, the United Nations and the world.

You come across as very calm and thoughtful, in addition to telepathy did you develop any other mental talents?
I have become quite adept at crossword puzzles.

(I knew there was a sense of humor in there.)

A few more to round out things...

The 2000 election season is picking up, whom are you planning on voting for for president?
     I believe that the right and privilege to vote is one of the more private things that a person can do. Especially when that person is a celebrity. Votes should be cast to an individual's conscience, not as a contest of popularity. For this reason I choose to decline from stating my personal choice.
     I will however state that while voting is both a privilege and a right, it is also a duty, both to yourself and to those who do not have the right. Uphold your duty, vote.

Do you still maintain your pre-Nova life at all?
My life before I was a Nova and took up the mantle of Team Tomorrow is my business and will stay that way. My past is my own, only in the present and future am I a public figure and only on them will I answer a single question.

What's your favorite color?
I understand the question but do not understand the relevance. I have seen as many colors as anyone else and at this time can express little preference to any specific one or another.

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