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Welcome to NOVA·NET, the first and best source for nova news, views, interviews, controversy, coverage, in-depth analysis, reviews, reports, exlusives, and anything else we can get away with. (And even a few things we can't.)
     We scour the planet for the latest word on novakind and even us regular humans and how we see, deal with, and just plain wonder about novas.
     We've got the scoop on Project Utopia and Team Tomorrow. On elites and other professional novas. On the Teragen, national and celebrity novas. On amateurs, heroes and villains. If it's got a Mazarin-Rashoud node, we do our best to cover it.

This month - The Death of Slider, Novas on the run, Bahrain attack, Tomorrow announcement, Haven opening, and of course N-Day.

Check out our back issues...

February 2008 - Valentine's day, Sluice, dinosaurs, Teragan activity, taxes, Tower's love child, and the sky is falling.
January 2008 -  New Year's at The Amp Room, Novas in Central Park and Sluice in Tampa.

2007 INDEX
December 2007
Poltergeist leaves T2M for the Teragen! Who will be next? Surprise novox winter show in NYC.
November 2007
The Teragen's terrible two's.
October 2007
Flying cars of the '08 model year arrive.
September 2007

August 2007
Project Utopia's advisory seat on Security Council.
July 2007
Latest on the Proteus murder of Tampa mayor.
June 2007

May 2007
The best of the Cinco de Mayo nova shows in Mexico City.
April 2007 
The NBC Treaty, you either love it or hate it.
March 2007

February 2007

January 2007
A look at the epidemic of teen suicides/eruption attempts. 

2006 INDEX
December 2006 
Midterm election wrap-up, Nova New Year's Resolutions.
November 2006
The Teragen's first year, tour of the new Addis Ababa arcology.
September 2006
Review of latest Kashmir conflict and death of Zashcheta.
July 2006
Did Terats murder the mullah?
June 2006
Dedication of Project Eden, who's the new Nova?
May 2006
Russia's 5-year plan, latest rumors of Teragen infiltration of Project Utopia.
April 2006
Japan announces eventual ban on non-hypercombustion car sales.

2005 INDEX
November 2005 
It's all about the Teragen.
June 2005
Russia gets its novas to help renew Moscow.
May 2005
T2MA interviews, Sao Paolo rebuilds, summer movie previews, and nova-related money.
January 2005
A word from the Pope, Ad Dei Lucem.

2004 INDEX
December 2004 
Election Wrap-up, Nova Xmas carols.
October 2004
X!W!F! and Rashoud Exposed!
August 2004
A review of the Nova Olympics

2003 INDEX
October 2003 
The Sao Paolo bombing.
May 2003
LA divided into 12 working time zones.

2002 INDEX
December 2002 
Kamisama Buddhism and the Tokyo bombing.
November 2002
The midterm elections.
October 2002
The Kashmir conflict, nova mercenaries, and mysteries of Chinese novas.
June 2002
The Parker Foundation.

2001 INDEX
December 2001 
What happened at Savage's, and a word from Mr Savage himself.
February 2001
The London Peace Accord.
January 2001
The real start of the millennium.

2000 INDEX
April 2000
Interviews galore and an expanded letters column.

1999 INDEX
April 1999

Novas move into business world.

1998 INDEX
July 1998
Interview with The Fireman.
March 1998 
The first novas.

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